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As we know, steaming is a very healthy cooking method and preserves up to 30% more nutrients than other cooking methods. BAYKA accessories set comes with a steamer basket, non-stick springform pan, egg steamer rack, egg bites mold, and mini mitts, which are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. Steamer Basket: Made from 304 stainless steel material. Many kinds of food can be used by it, such as eggs, vegetables, seafood, meat, chicken, dumplings, and so on. Perfect for use with a pressure cooker or multi-cooker. Egg Bites Mold: Made from food grade silicone and it can be used to make egg bites, baby food, and even ice cubes. Non-stick Springform Pan: Use the springform pan for making cakes because it cannot be flipped upside-down. The panel on the latching side detaches easily for quick and safe removal of your delicate cheesecake or coffee cake. A non-stick coating seals the deal, providing easy release and hassle-free cleanup. Egg Steamer Rack: Made from 304 stainless steel material. One pack can put on 7 eggs. It can also be used as a basket in your kitchen to hold eggs, sauces, hot food, etc. Mini Mitts: Made from high quality silicone. Put them on to protect your hands when you pick up something that might be scalding hot. What are the size of the accessories? Steamer Basket: 8.3×2.4 in Egg Steamer Rack: 6.9×2.2 in Egg Bites Molds: 8.3×8.3 in Mini mitts: 3.3x3in Non-stick Springform Pan: 7.1×2.7 in How to assemble the steamer basket: 1. Look for the four circles on the steamer basket. 2. Put the metal wires into the corresponding hole. 3.Test the stability and finish assembling the steamer basket. BAYKA is devoted to providing the most considerate and high quality houseware products to our customers. This multipurpose accessories set is designed to meet your different cooking needs.▲PERFECT BAYKA ACCESSORIES SET– This amazing 5-in-1 accessories set includes steamer basket, egg steamer rack, springform pan, egg bites mold, and mini mitts. It will definitely meet all of your culinary needs when using any kinds of pots.
▲HEALTHIER COOKING METHODS– The steamer basket & steamer rack are both made of food grade 304 stainless steel. The basket can be used to steam all kinds of food which help maintain more than 90% of the nutrients and flavor. The steamer rack cannot only boil eggs but also help hold up other accessories when steaming.
▲MAKE CAKE AT HOME– Made of carbon steel, our double layer non-stick coating springform pan help make cheesecake at home easily. The bottom is removable and its buckle provides easy release of baked goods. Perfect 7-inch cake pan model for 5,6,8 Qt pot.
▲MULTIPURPOSE SILICONE ACCESSORIES– The egg bites mold is BPA free, made from high-quality food grade silicone – perfect for ice-cubes, finger foods, jellies, puddings, mini-muffins, cupcakes etc. Mini anti-scald mitts are easy to wear and provide easy gripping of the pot.
▲SAFETY & WARRANTY– We are confident about our products’ quality but customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a lifetime product service and 2-year return policy to all customers. Please feel free to contact our customer service officer for any question about our products.

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