Michelin Starred Chefs Cook Asparagus 6 Ways

Our Michelin Chefs Cook series always brings you the best videos of top chefs working their craft. Following our recent list of Michelin chefs’ Easter recipe ideas, here we show you six Michelin starred chefs using asparagus to create six entirely different asparagus dishes ranging from small tasters to fermented white asparagus mains, revealing some of their tips and tricks behind the famous dishes at their world renowned restaurants. 

Find out how to prepare, cook and compose a star-worthy dish with chefs Fran Agudo, Rene Redzepi, Claude Bosi, Christophe Pauly, Rasmus Koefoed and Søren Selin, and make the most of peak asparagus season right now. 

Michelin Chefs Cook Asparagus

1. Tickets’ Head Chef Fran Agudo’s Asparagus in Salt

Chef Fran Agudo creates an exquisite asparagus dish from the popular Tickets restaurant in Barcelona. White asparagus is cooked inside a salty meringue in the oven, then topped with a vinaigrette of laurencia, and sea grapes.  

2. Rene Redzepi’s signature dish of asparagus and spruce at Noma

René Redzepi shows you how to recreate his pine infused white and green asparagus dish from his award winning restaurant Noma, Copenhagen. 

3. English asparagus with smoked hay by Claude Bosi

French chef Claude Bosi explains how he makes his burnt hay asparagus dish served with a burnt hay hollandaise sauce, hazelnuts, and confit orange.  

4. Chef Christophe Pauly’s asparagus starter at Le Coq aux Champs in Belgium 

Christophe Pauly’s asparagus creation comes down to the detail on garnishes. He dresses up simple asparagus tips with a paste of almond and parmesan, cream of lemon, fresh citrus and edible flowers. 

5. Chef Rasmus Kofoed’s white asparagus dish

Rasmus Kofoed is the head chef at Geranium, the three-starred restaurant in Copenhagen, and he was also the winner of Bocuse d’Or in 2011. Watch the video to see how he prepares a delicate white asparagus dish with asparagus vinegar and asparagus tips in thyme oil. 

6. Soren Selin’s Fermented Asparagus and Mussel Cream 

Check out Søren Selin of two-star Michelin restaurant AOC in Copenhagen as he creates his beautiful asparagus dish made of thinly sliced scallops and 1-year fermented asparagus, served with a luxurious sauce of cream and mussel juice. 

Looking to harvest your own asparagus? Read our tips to get the best out of your crop: 



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